LAM SUET "Axe Gang Vice General"

Lam Suet has taken Hong Kong by storm in the past few years. After his strikingly memorable appearance in director Johnny To's The Mission, a major hit in 1999, Lam became one of Hong Kong's busiest character actors, and appeared in some 50 movies in less than five years.

His recent work includes roles in such well known films as Where a Good Man Goes, and Johnny To's Turn Left, Turn Right and PTU. He also appeared in Love Undercover 2 (2003), directed by Joe Ma Wai-Ho, and Love for All seasons (2003), directed by Wai Ka-Fai and Johnnie To. Lam Suet got his start in the film business working behind the scenes as a set production assistant, and he also worked in the lighting and prop departments of several films before breaking into acting. In 1994 he made his first screen appearance in Love On Delivery, a comedy starring Stephen Chow. But The Mission, for which he won the Hong Kong Film Award for best film, put him in a different category.

Lam Suet was nominated for the best supporting actor award for his quiet but forceful performance as a bodyguard.

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