TIN KAI MAN "Axe Gang Advisor"

Tin Kai Man has been an entertainer in Hong Kong for 20 years. His career ranges from acting for films, TV series and commercials, to hosting radio programs and TV shows.

He has appeared in such films as The Kung Fu Cult Master (1992), co-directed by Sammo Hung and Wong Jing; Hail The Judge (1994), directed by Wong Jing; and Marry a Rich Man (2002) from director Vincent Kuk. Tin met Stephen Chow while filming Hail The Judge and joined Chow's company, Star Overseas Ltd., in 1996. He has played roles in all three movies previously directed by Stephen Chow, The God of Cookery, King of Comedy and Shaolin Soccer.

Besides acting, Tin works as the administrative manager for Star Overseas Ltd.

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