Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay

Olympic Torch

With a 130 day, 137,000 kilometer (85,127 mile) route planned for the Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay, the world will soon be witness to the Olympic Torch as it travels great distances spanning cities reaching 5 of the Earth’s continents.  One of the highlights of the relay includes an attempt to reach the highest peak in the world, Mt. Qomolangma (Mt. Everest).  

The Olympic flame will be lit on March 25 in Olympia, Greece and will travel across Greece to end at the Panathinaiko Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896.  On March 31, the torch will arrive in Beijing, where a ceremony will be held and the torch relay will commence.  President, Liu Qi, of the BOCOG ( Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games), stated “As the prelude to the Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay is one of the most important ceremonies and a major means to spread and promote the Olympic spirit.”  

The Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games estimate that about 22,000 torchbearers will participate in the Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay.  The theme of the torch relay is the ‘Journey of Harmony’ and the slogan is ‘Light the Passion, Share the Dream’.  The president of the BOCOG, Liu Qi, stated that the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay will once again spread the Olympic spirit all over the world and demonstrate the Chinese people’s passion for the Olympic Movement.    

Olympic Torch

The “Lucky Cloud” design of the Olympic Torch features a traditional scroll design which captures the Chinese heritage as well as many technological advances and environmentally-friendly features.  All of these features combined create a sophisticated torch capable of withstanding strong winds, rain, discoloration, and corrosion.  To top it off, the torch is made of recyclable material and the propane fuel even meets environmental requirements.  The torch is about 28 inches in length and weighs a little over 2 pounds.

Beijing Organizational Committee of the Olympic Games President, Liu Qi, said, "The Beijing Olympic Torch boasts both distinctive Chinese cultural features, and technical excellence and sophisticated materials.  It will carry the friendship that Chinese people extend to the world and the Olympic spirit to the five continents and to the peak of Mt. Qomolangma."

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