China United Airlines

China United Airlines is an airline, which has its headquarters in Beijing, PR China. The airline was founded in 1986 to serve originally as branch for the people’s liberation army (division for civil transport), and is nowadays managing a network of regular scheduled flights in co-operation with local companies.  

In November 2002, China United Airlines stopped its service of scheduled flights in the whole country. In 2003, China United Airlines had to give up completely its operations due to a new regulation introduced by the government, which did not permit any longer the people’s liberation army to become active in commercial areas.

However, the “General administration of civil aviation in China“ gave permission on June 4 2005 to both „Shanghai Airlines“ and „China Import and Export airline“ to rebuild together China United Airlines. As a result, Shanghai Airlines owns now a percentage share of 80%.   

At the time, China Airlines was in possession of only one sole aeroplane, a Boeing 737-700, which has been leased by Shanghai Airlines.
In addition, China United Airlines is the only airline that operates on the Beijing Nan Yuan airport, which is a former military airfield, situated 18 km southwards of the city. The airline deals mainly with domestic freight and passengers transport services.

Even although China United Airline has lost its military status, it is believed that it will continue in flying to military airports. And as such, it will have access to certain destinations, which will remain inaccessible to other commercial airlines.

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