China Life Insurance

China Life Insurance is ranked by Forbes as the sixth largest company in China. The Forbes rankings take into account sales, profits, assets and estimated market value with equal weighting. At the end of the last fiscal year (2006-2007) China Life Insurance had sales of US$ 11.2 billion, profits of US$ 1.2 billion, assets valued at US$ 69.3 billion and an estimated market value of US$ 38.6 billion.

According to the Fortune Global 500 list of the five hundred largest companies in the world China Life ranked at 217 in 2006. The Fortune Global 500 also compiles lists of the largest companies in the world by industry sector. In 2006 China Life Insurance ranked as the 11th largest insurance company in the world.

China Life Insurance LTD was registered in Beijing, China on June 30th 2003 and in December of the same year was successfully registered on the New York Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The products and services the company provides include individual life insurance, group life insurance and accident and health insurance. China Life Insurance is China’s largest insurance company for both individuals and groups. By the end of 2003 China Life Insurance had over 48 million individual and group life insurance policies, annuity products and long term health insurance policies in force. China Life Insurance currently employs 76,324 employees.

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