Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance is ranked by Forbes as the tenth largest company in China. The Forbes rankings take into account sales, profits, assets and estimated market value with equal weighting. At the end of the last fiscal year (2006-2007) Ping An Insurance has sales of US$ 8.0 billion, profits of US$ 524 million, assets valued at US$ 39.6 billion and an estimated market value of US$ 16.9 billion.

Ping An Insurance was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Ping An Insurance Group is the holding company for a number of subsidiary companies. These include Ping An Life Insurance Company of China, Ltd. and Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd. The company also controls China Ping An Insurance Overseas (Holdings) Limited and Ping An Trust & Investment Co., Ltd. Ping An Insurance Overseas, located in Hong Kong.

Ping An Insurance Group is the first Chinese insurance company that integrates securities, trusts, banking, asset management and annuity services into a single financial holding group.

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