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Beijing Opera (or Peking Opera) has existed over two hundred years and is often regarded as one of the highest expressions of Chinese culture. It is estimated that there are thousands of different types of Chinese Opera, the vast majority being local operas that dominate small regions within provinces. Beijing Opera is the national standard with the majority of provinces having more than one Beijing Opera troupe. The art, along with many others, suffered as a result of the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1977) but was allowed to be performed again in 1978. A Beijing Opera is a must see show if you want to experience some of Beijing’s more traditional nightlife.

The operas present the audiences with an exciting show full of paintings, artistic costumes, unfolding story lines and stimulating acrobatic fighting. Its possible to go and see Beijing Opera all over the city, however, Liyuan Theatre inside the Qianmen Hotel comes highly recommended with seat prices between twenty and sixty Yuan (approx $2.6 - $8). Typically Beijing Operas last for approximately three hours. However, shorter performances are available at The Chaoyang Theatre which has performances every night at 19:20 – 20:20. The address is given below:

Chaoyang Theatre
36 East Third Ring Road
Chaoyang District
Tel: (010) 6507-2421

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