Beijing - Wudaokou

Wudaokou is a neighbourhood in the Haidan district in North West Beijing, approximately 10 km from the city centre between the fourth and fifth ring roads. The area is extremely popular with students, especially international. Close by are the Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University and Tsinghua University. The areas popularity with local and international students is highlighted by the high number of bars and clubs that generally offer cheaper drinks prices compared to other popular districts of Beijing’s nightlife scene, such as Sanlitun.

Propaganda is a well established part of Beijing nightlife and always packed with students and backpackers. The busiest night is Wednesday, where 30 Yuan for girls (approx $4) and 70 Yuan for boys (approx $9) gets you and open bar all night on a wide selection of drinks. The ground floor of the club has a bar and seating area decorated with Soviet style artwork. The basement floor has a dance floor and a second seating area.
Wudaokou is also host to Lush, a western owned and operated café/bar. Lush is open 24 hours and claims to be your ‘home away from home’. Very popular with backpackers Lush boasts a western café and a fully stocked bar with events every night. Visit:

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