Oriental Plaza

If haggling with street sellers or struggling through crowded markets is not for you, Beijing also has a world class shopping mall on offer. The recently completed Oriental Plaza in the Wang Fu Jing shopping district comprises 120,000 square metres of shopping space. The Malls of the Oriental Plaza have quickly become one of the most popular shopping destinations in Beijing for both residents and tourists.

The Malls of the Oriental Plaza offer superior shopping, dining and entertainment facilities previously, divided up into six themed areas; Market Square, Metro City, Garden Court, International Boulevard, Wonderful World and Sky Avenue. Many of the high end designer brands are available in the Oriental Plaza, such as Dunhill, Paul Smith, Burberry, Valentino, Givenchy and Hugo Boss. However, shoppers should be careful as many of these brands are more expensive in China than they are in Europe or the USA.

Beijing and the rest of China are not known internationally for fashion but to overlook it would be a mistake. The Oriental Plaza has many of the most stylish Chinese brands on display. Brands such as ‘Tough Jeansmith’, a Hong Kong based company specialising in fashion for an increasingly affluent young generation. For further details visit: www.toughjeans.com

The construction of the Oriental Plaza has changed the face of Beijing shopping dramatically. It has also furthered eating in the capital with ‘Gourmet Street’ which incorporates restaurants and food stands of over forty cuisines from around the world. For more information on the shops and restaurants of the Oriental Plaza please visit: www.orientalplaza.com

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