Shanghai - Arrival and hotels

Shanghai arrival

Shanghai has two airports, Shanghai International (in the Pudong precinct) and Hongqiao Airport, which are 42 and 18 km respectively from the city's downtown area. International flights normally arrive in Pudong; only selected flights from Korea and Japan still come in at Hongqiao. Those arriving in Pudong can immediately take the Transrapid air shuttle into downtown Shanghai, which covers the distance in just a few minutes.

For arrival and dealing with Chinese taxi drivers at the Hongqiao airport, follow the same rules as for Beijing. At Pudong, this hurdle doesn't apply thanks to the Transrapid.

Money can be exchanged likewise, right in the airport.

Hotels in Shanghai

In Shanghai, too, are hotels in all price categories. The cheapest are a few hotels with dormitory-style rooms downtown, as well as the university's hotels. A unique hotel in Shanghai is the Peace Hotel (Cathay Hotel) in the vicinity of the Shanghai Bund. This hotel was the most exclusive accommodation for foreigners in the 1930s and is one of the most famous colonial hotels.

A good guide book is Lonely Planet China, which lists hotels with addresses, phone numbers, and approximate prices, for Beijing and other Chinese cities.

The best times to travel in Shanghai are autumn and spring. Winters are relatively mild, but the summers are extremely hot and humid.


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