Kunming Area and Shilin

Kunming Area

The area around Kunming might be more attractive to discover than the city itself.


Jindian is the “Golden Temple”, also known as the “Copper Temple”. The temple is a Taoist praying-house located in the north-east of the city. The temple is built on a hill, surrounded by a pine-forest. It is one of the few metal-built temples in China.


The English translation Qiongzhusi is “Bamboo-Temple”, located at the north-west of the city. The temple shows 500 “Luohan-men”, a Buddhist who found the inner-meaning of life and therefore is not reborn, but becomes immortal. You can find Luohan statues in many other places in China, but the Qiongzhusi Luohan men are unique, because of there deep facial-expression.

More to visit in around Kunming:

  • Dian Chi: Dian-Lake
  • Daguanlou, Daguan Gongyuan: Daguan Tower and Park
  • Yunnan Minzu Cun: Village of Nationalities
  • Xishan Mountain
  • Longmen: Dragon Gate
  • Huating Temple
  • Taihua Temple
  • Sanqing Temple

Shilin: "Forest of Stones"

At 120 km of the Kunming-city you are able to see one of the “Nature’s World Wonders”, also called Shilin. Shilin is a huge formation of ass-grey rocks pointing out like “pillars to the sky”, therefore it is also known as the “Forest of Stones”. The location of Shilin has once been covered by the ocean. When the ocean pulled back erosion has been shaping the stones to the impressive “forest” it is now.

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