Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province. The name Kunming is related to the “Kunmi-people”, a minority which has disappeared in total. The city located “at the south of the clouds”, offers a variety of temples and pagoda. Although Kunming has always been under the influence of neighboring countries, it is now rapidly changing into just another Chinese economical center.


The Buddhist temple is located in the north of the city. It is a fascinating area, which will take you through beautiful gardens to the “Eight-cornered Temple” of the goddess Guayin. In the main-building of the temple you will find a big marble Buddha statue.

Nancheng Gusi

Nancheng Gusi is the main mosque of the “Hoei”, Muslim of Kunming. Around the mosque you will find a lot of Islamic restaurants and shops.


Xisita is the west-Pagoda, located in the south of the old-city part. It is called the west-Pagoda, because there were once 2 Pagodas. The other one, the east-Pagoda, has been destroyed by an earthquake, together with many temples.

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