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approx.41 million


394, 000 square kilometer



Adjacent provinces: Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Tibet

Adjacent countries: Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

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Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, a tour which is a must for everyone who visits this province. It is probably the most beautiful province of China and one of the most popular destinations for Western backpack tourists in winter. Kunming, Dali and Lijiang are well prepared for tourists.

Kunming: Old Kunming streets, great food, many places of interest around Kunming (e.g., the Bamboo Temple, built during the Tang-Dynasty or Xishan, the so called “West Mountains” housing many small temples). Kunming was a remote outpost of the Chinese empire for several centuries. It became a garrison during the Ming-Dynasty and had been a center of opium trade since the 18th century until the communists’ takeover in 1949.

Stone forest in Lunan, 120 km southeast of Kunming

Dali at the Erhai Lake is located on a 1900m high plateau and surrounded by mountains of which some are 4000 m high. This area offers one of the most beautiful sceneries in China. One should definitely climb the mountain to the Zhonghe Temple where one can enjoy a fantastic view on the Erhai Lake. Dali also has a charming Old Town.

Lijiang: The pearl of China. Lijiang has a nice Old Town with small winding lanes. It is the native country of the Naxi-nationality and a World Cultural Heritage Site of the UNESCO.

General Information:

Most significant towns: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang.

Nearly 39% of the population belong to minority groups.

Pu Erh tea is one of the best known Chinese tea brands in China and the West and is produced in the small town Pu'erh.

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