Chinese Translation Services

One of the biggest concerns facing investors in China is likely to be the language barrier. Chinese can appear a complex and daunting language and it is true that it can take years to become fluent. Without command of any of the Chinese language, or having any assistance in translation, even getting your business off the ground will be difficult, and turning it into a profitable venture will be nigh-on impossible.

But with a help from a specialist company it is possible to eliminate these concerns entirely, leaving you to do the important things like running your business. Because of our long-standing presence in China we are able to offer a full translation service from Chinese into Dutch or English and vice-versa. Our quality, consistency and experience have cemented our reputation as a leading provider of Chinese interpretation services.

We offer the solution by translating all your materials into Dutch or English.

•    Brochure
•    Leaflet
•    Website
•    Promotional material
•    Contracts and agreement
•    Feasibility study
•    Documents and others

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