Import and Export Services

Trading Services in China

Trading Services in China

To fully understanding the range of intricacies and various nuances of the Chinese import and export markets is a difficult and time consuming process. It is not only the legislation that can cause trouble but the effort required finding reliable suppliers; enforcing sufficient quality control; and having good transport links can be problematic.

We can provide the solution. In conjunction with our Beijing partner company, who have over 20 years of trading experience, we offer you a comprehensive import and export advice service. We can guide you through the whole procedure, from start to finish, and supply professional information on areas such as customs, tariffs, taxes, export and import limitations, how to save money on various payment methods, what transportation and delivery options are available and safe methods of trading between China to Europe.

In addition to this we can assist in some of the more tricky areas of operating in the trading market. Negotiations can be tiresome and often leave you with less than you desired but we can smooth the process and ensure that you leave the negotiation procedures with exactly what you wanted. Finally, another area of concern is choosing the right suppliers for your products. Our services guarantee that you get the best deal with the best suppliers.

We offer the following trade advice services:

1. Quality control and management
2. Delivery control
3. Import and export permit applications
4. Inland transportation
5. Sea/Air transportation
6. All related import or export documents
7. Customs clearance
8. Quarantine Inspection

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