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The world’s biggest secret is the relationship between a man and a woman and when it comes to dating, many people are usually insecure as how to react or what to expect. It becomes even more difficult, but of course also tremendously interesting, when dating someone from a different culture, for example China.

In these days there are numerous Western people coming to China, to either study at a Chinese university, work for a Western or Chinese company, do an internship or simply travel. It is usually only a matter of time until a Western man has a date with a Chinese woman and vice versa in China. For the most part Western men experience less problems in finding a date with one of China’s beautiful women.

Chinese women for starters are hardly ever taller than Western men. And as most men don’t like women to be taller than men, the height issue, and this is an important one, has already been solved, before a Western man has even had a date in China. Another reason why Western men can easily get a date in China is because there are plenty of Chinese women throwing themselves deliberately at Western men with a view to marry them one day and enter the gateway to a luxurious life. There are quite a few Western men open to the seduction of this kind of woman, while having a wife waiting for them at home.

But apart from the easy-to-get women, China has to offer many distinguished women who do have certain expectations from a man. Chinese people have a special and tight bond with most of their relatives and the family is of great importance to everyone. And as Chinese families predominantly stay in one place for generations, it usually also means that Chinese women are unlikely to move away from their family. So when a Western man has a date with a woman in China and intends to deepen their relationship and maybe marry her one day, he should be aware that Chinese women are not necessarily willing to follow him to his home country.

Once a Chinese woman and a Western man have had several dates and are taking the relationship to the next level, then he will have to spend a lot of time with her, even though he has a lot of work to do in China. Western men commonly like to work long hours and even continue their work at home. Well, Chinese women are not too thrilled about this characteristic trait and will surely try to keep the man from working and make him spend more time with her.

A Chinese woman who has decided to give her love to a man will love the man with every fibre of her body and will really try to make their relationship work. If a Western man has won the heart of a Chinese woman, he can therefore rest assured that he will be honestly loved and cared for.

The situation is a little different, if a Western woman wants to date one of China’s men. Chinese men are predominantly very small, it is not so much because Western women are so tall, no, Chinese men are just simply small. So when it comes to dating a Chinese man, the typical kiss scenario at the end of a date - provided that the Chinese man dares to kiss the Western woman in the first place- could end up with an embarrassed Chinese man and a weird feeling Western woman where nobody actually gets kissed at all in the end.

Whereas Western women are for the most part confident, Chinese men however can be amazingly shy and fearful of a strong personality. Therefore a lot of Western women will have problems finding a date in China and can regard themselves as lucky if they actually encounter a Chinese man who respects the woman, acknowledges her personality and presents a confident behaviour himself.

But as every person in this world is different and looking for different things in a date or a relationship and as love usually hits one unexpected, one should never refrain from having a date in China.


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