Working in China - preparations

Work- related qualifications are the major issue in the inner-company selection process of employees chosen to work in China. Large Groups such as VW or Siemens, which have a long-year experience in China even send their employees for a short visit to China to allow them get a first impression of the country. As a consequence of that the future "Expat" will be prepared for his stay in intensive lectures and seminars.

Small and medium-sized companies do not take such measures into account due to the time and cost associated with them. Instead, they attempt to make up for it by creating daily workshops for their employees, which unfortunately do not measure up to par. Regardless of whether a large corporation or medium-sized firm, the Chinese-specific knowledge is often neglected; often one will find that managers lack basic knowledge of Chinese economy and legal system, as well as Chinese negotiating techniques.

Over 40% of all Expats return sooner than planned. In particular those who intend to stay in China for a longer period of time should consider adequate preparation which will save time and money in the end.

  • Preparation of cultural differences (behaviour, communication, problem solving)
  • Preparation for everyday life in China
  • Specific china related knowledge ( law, economy, negotiation tactics)
  • Organisation of the communication with the parent company
  • Dealing with administrative tasks (visa for PRC, flight, hotel, apartment etc.)
  • Organisational outline of the stay (private and business related)
  • Reintegration into the parent company after a longer stay abroad

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