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Tourism in China is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose to vacation in the previously secretive country. The tourist market in China is of growing importance for various reasons. The booming tourist industry is not solely made up of international tourists wanting that unique vacation, but also it is becoming increasingly possible, due to rising levels of wealth, for Chinese to vacation in their own country. The growth in international tourism to China is primarily due to the country’s process of opening up that has taken place since the seventies. Its policies of reform and openness have allowed increasing numbers of people to vacation in China and caused China’s tourism industry to boom. 

China and its Versatility

China’s versatility has had a dramatic effect on its popularity as a tourist destination. China offers a number of exciting places and sights, extending from the south, bordering Vietnam, to the high north where the capital Beijing is situated. China has many fascinating and varied landscapes to offer.

When enjoying a vacation in China you can find subtropical white beaches on Hainan, situated in China’s south, take to the ski slopes in the north or go shopping in one of the many metropolis’ such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

China’s landscape is covered with mountainous terrain, perfect for climbing, hiking and extreme sports. It is rare for a country to have such a dramatic and varied landscape. The North where China borders with Mongolia and in the West where it borders with Tibet is especially mountainous. However, if rock climbing and skiing are not for you, it is also possible to go diving in the south near Hainan. Or if martial arts are your sport of choice you might be interested in visiting the monastery of Shaolin. Last but not least admirers of Chinese culture can find in numerous places artifacts dating back to old China, perfect for anyone interested in the history of this fascinating country.

To vacation in China means to become acquainted with an unimaginable wealth of different landscapes, gastronomic delights and different cultures and customs.  It also means you have the opportunity to meet a very hospitable people, whose mentality differs in numerous aspects from that of Westerners. A vacation in China is a good opportunity to take a break from a familiar home environment, and dive into a completely new world.

China: Vacation and Economy

Tourism is not only an important source of revenue, it also helps in developing society and building up friendship and communication between the Chinese and foreign tourists, reaching far beyond ordinary aspects of tourism.

Facts and Figures:

In 1995 3,720 Hotels offered accommodation to foreign tourists, in comparison to 2000 the number of hotels available for foreign tourists have increased to 10,481. However, this number slightly decreased recently. The total income from the tourism sector in China in 2006 amounted to 85.3 billion Euros.


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