Automotive Companies

China’s automotive sector is growing at an astonishing rate. Auto makers from all over the world want to sell in the world’s fastest growing auto market. However, the real winner in this industry will be China which is fast building an automotive industry of its own with the help of foreign investors. Chinese law also stipulates that a foreign company cannot own more than a 50% stake in a Chinese manufacturer and must partner with a Chinese company to enter the market.

Below you will find detailed company profiles for China’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Brilliance Auto

Through its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies Brilliance Auto has become one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China. Brilliance Auto’s operations are divided into two sections, the manufacture of minibuses and automotive components and the manufacture of sedans. Read more...

Geely Automobiles

Geely Automobile was the first independent vehicle manufacturer in the People’s Republic of China. Its parent company is the Geely Holding Group. Geely started out in 1986 manufacturing refrigerators and then moved on to manufacturing decoration materials in 1989. Following this Geely moved onto producing motorcycle parts in 1992 and then motorcycles in 1994. By 1996 the company had produced over 200,000 motorcycles and scooters. Geely’s automobile productions began in 1999 and in 2003 it began to export cars. Click here for the full company profile. Read more...