Women's World Cup Soccer

Women's World Cup Soccer

From 10th to 30th September 2007 the Women’s World Cup in soccer will take place in the Republic of China for the second time. Apart from the host, China, the world champion Germany is the only team which has been seeded. On 10th September Germany will play against Argentina in the opening match in Shanghai, where the final game will also be played.

Women's soccer history

Women's Soccer History

The Women’s World Cup will take place from 10th to 30th September. The last World Cup in 2003 took place in the USA. It was originally planned to take place in China, but was postponed to 4 years later due to the outbreak of the SARS-epidemic. As a result the USA had to suddenly and unexpectedly get the big sports event off the ground. Read more...

Venues: Women's World Cup in China

Venues: Women's World Cup 2007

This section will provide you with all the need to know information on the Women's World Cup 2007 venues. Including general information about the cities the stadiums are located, capacity of the venues and distances from the nearest airports. Read more...

Qualified Teams China

Qualified Teams

The World Football Association FIFA is subdivided into six Continental-Confederations. Sixteen teams will take part at the Women’s World Cup. Fifteen countries have already fully qualified. The decision of which country will go on start for the OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) will be made in mid-April 2007. The teams that have qualified up to now are: Read more...

soccer history China

Soccer history of China

Two decades ago, China’s Women’s Football National Team placed itself into the elite of world football. They defeated Japan during the final for the title of the Asia Champions Cup (AFC Women’s Championship 1986). In 1991 the Chinese team lost in the quarterfinals against Sweden, although it could count itself as one of the world’s best eight. Read more...

Women's World Cup - China's Prospects

In 2006 China finally felt a sense of achievement. China became Asian Champions (AFC Women’s Championship) after having asserted itself against the two strongest rivals Korea and Australia. This was the first title since 2001 that was awarded to the once so strong ‘Steely roses’, as they used to be known. Read more...