Privacy policy

Personally identifiable information for chat and forum registration at

In addition to a username and password, we do save some personally identifiable information (name, email address) during registration for the chat and forum functions. These data are used for authentication: a message containing a link is sent to the email address you enter; clicking the link confirms your identity as a unique user. Each user may decide what profile information is to be made public (function: "My profile").

Use and transmitting of personal information

User information will not be transmitted to third parties, nor will it be made public. Transmission to governmental bodies may take place, in accordance with statutory regulations.


Cookies are text files that are saved in your web browser's cache upon visiting particular web sites. In order to enable optimal performance of our chat function, saves cookies on your computer. They do not contain any personally identifiable information.

IP addresses

With every registration and contribution to our forum, users' IP addresses are saved on our server. Should the forum or chat be misused in any way, the operator can enter abusers' IP addresses into a block list. IP addresses will be used solely in this case.






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