Beijing - Sanlitun

The Beijing Sanlitun entertainment area used to only comprise a few small streets of bars. Now, it has developed into a large entertainment district incorporating approximately 60 clubs and bars and over 100 restaurants, a fundamental component of Beijing nightlife. Also in the area are numerous art galleries, massage and spa parlours shops and boutiques. You’re never short of something to do in Beijing Sanlitun.

Beijing Sanlitun entertainment area can be divided up into three districts, Sanlitun North Area, Sanlitun West Area - Workers Stadium and the Sanlitun central area. The Sanlitun South Area has been demolished and is currently being redeveloped for the Olympics in 2008.

Tongli Studio is a building on Sanlitun’s North Street and is a well know Beijing nightlife hotspot very popular with western tourists and expats. The building contains many well known bars and clubs such as Bar Blu and Kokomo. Bar Blu offers facilities to cater for almost every occasion, including a modern dance floor and beautiful open air terrace with a great atmosphere on top of the Tongli Studio. Website details are given below:

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