Xishuangbanna region

The region of Xishuangbanna is located in the south of Yunnan province. It is next to Laos and Myanmar (Burma) and therefore the region is also described as: Where China meets south-east Asia. The region is full of tropical characteristics which can be found in the flora and fauna. The region is the doorway to the jungles, where in between you will find temples and traditional villages. The region is inhabited by small minorities isolated from the “modern-world”.

Protect yourself with anti-mosquito-ointment, water and food, when you are discovering this region. Guides can be hired for as little as 200 Yuan a day incl. food and overnight accommodation in the traditional house of a local family.


Jinghong can be called the center of this region. Jinghong is crossed by the famous Lancang River, also known as Mekong.

Redal Zuowu Yanjiusuo

This is the research institute of the flora in this region. In this institute you can get a good view of the diversity of it, shown by the 1000 flower-species.

Manting Gongyuan

This is the Manting Park located at the south-border of the town. It is a very exotic park in which you will find something which you can call “a rainforest en miniature” and where you can lay down into the grass and relax. Also you will find a bird-house with hundreds of peacocks. The park is also home to the Manting-temple and some other Buddhist temples. The Buddhist, wearing orange clothes, will be probably joining you enjoying you stay in the park. In this region temples and pagodas are build in Thai-style instead of Chinese, which make them more beautiful when the sun shines onto the golden roofs.

Don’t forget to take your shoes off, when you want to enter the Temples.

Around Jinghong

When you want to explore the area around Jinghong the best, you have to take the adventures of the paths leading you into the jungle. By bike or bus you will discover villages and other destinations, which will show you the authenticity of this region.

Some of the villages are at the boarder of Laos or Burma, which means you, will have to bring a valid visa with you for these countries to cross the border.

Mei Mei Café can provide information and helps if you need a guide or bus tickets for a far distance bus.


Menghan (Galanba)

By bike you are able to visit the town of Menghan in 3 hours, which also allows you to cross the Mekong River by ferry-boat. Menghan is located in at the south of the Mekong River.

Menghan Chuman Dafosi

It is also known as the Galanba Temple. The temple is originally built in 583, but was heavy damaged during the Cultural Revolution. In 1997 the Temple has been renovated the last. Inside the traditional Dai-building you will find a big Buddha statue, surrounded by smaller ones. Outside the Temple you will discover a golden stupa.

More to visit in the Jinghong-area:

  • Daizu Yuan: Dai-people minority-gardens
  • Mengla: Area of the Yao-villages
  • Damenglong: Village, located 69 km from Jinhong
  • Menghai, Menghun en Xiding: Villages at the west of Jinhong
  • Sancha River Nature Preserve

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