FUNG HAK ON "Harpist #2"

For more than two decades Fung Hak On has been a key actor in Hong Kong cinema. He is renown for his fierce appearance - which has led to many parts portraying villains.

His stellar martial arts skills have landed him roles in some of the most spectacular kung fu movies made in Hong Kong. Fung's father was Fung Fung, a well-known character actor and director active in the 1960s and 1970s. Father and son worked on a number of films together including Enter the Fat Dragon and The Young Master. Fung Hak On was trained in Peking Opera performance and then joined the legendary Shaw Brothers studio for a series of films including such classics as Vengeance (1970), directed by Chang Cheh.

He also appeared in John Woo's directorial debut, The Young Dragons (1975). Later, Fung worked with famed action choreographer Sammo Hung on several pictures, including Warriors Two and Dragons Forever. Fung also appeared in many early Jackie Chan projects, such as director Yuen Wo Ping's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978). Starting in 1981 with The Gold Hunters, Fung turned to directing himself.

He has directed two other features since then and continues to work as a martial arts choreographer.

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