Kung Fu Hustle marks Leung Siu Lung's first appearance on the screen since the 1980s. A martial arts action star and action choreographer in the 1970s and 1980s, Leung Siu Lung was at one time ranked close to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in the hearts of Hong Kong film fans. The three of them were hailed as the "Three Little Dragons" - a reference to the fact that their Chinese names all contain the word "dragon."

Leung's first leading role, in the 1975 movie Little Superman, directed by Ng See Yuen, made him an overnight sensation in Hong Kong. He went on to make more than 70 movies in a 20 year span, as well as shooting a TV series which comprised more than 1000 episodes. He also worked as an action choreographer on more than 10 movies.

In the mid-1980s a political controversy hampered his career when he was invited to mainland China for a short trip. Tensions at the time with Taiwan were running high and because of his visit to mainland China, the Taiwanese government banned all films and TV series which Leung worked on. With Taiwan being an important market for Hong Kong films, Leung could no longer find work in entertainment, and he went into business for himself.

Kung Fu Hustle is Leung's first film in more than 15 years. Having always played heroes, he plays a villain for the first time in this movie.

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